About Us

G’day People,
I am Neil Chantry, the Team leader of Introguy.

What we are about, is connecting People to People. Every day, we deal with people, either directly or indirectly. We go looking for products, services and information through our computer screens, mobile devices and telephone lines. If we can find exactly what we’re looking for, we can often get what we want without talking to another person. This works well in many cases. When we seek more specialised outcomes, we need to quickly find the right people. We can all find a Sales person, tradesman or professional when we know what we want. That’s how ‘Normal’ day to day business works.

We come in when the needs or wants are not so clearly defined. We recognise ‘People make things happen’ but trying to find the right people can often be quite challenging. We need to find ways to connect with the right people quickly. We understand when want something done, our path is often via other people. The faster the world moves and the more specialised we become, the more crucial it is to have the right people at our fingertips.

Introguy is strictly dedicated to modernizing the ways people connect, finding and qualifying them and establishing contact to drive whatever result or outcome you are after.
We are developing a series of services to aid in connecting people for;
• Community support
• Personal relationships
• Commercial ventures
• Individualised Services
• Family arrangements
• Skill & Labour sharing
• Information Feedback
For a list of these services, please check our Services page.
If you would like to discuss any issues with us, please Contact page.