G’day People,

The ‘About Us’ page should be about us.

I am Neil Chantry, the leader of Introguy.

What we are about, is connecting people to people. In our modern computer based, automated world, the main things that are being lost are Personal connections, Reasonable expectations and Personal acceptance. We, as a species, are developing an instantaneous gratification mentality with expectations of immediate perfection. We are forgetting that communication is a two way street. I started down that road myself but caught myself and decided to change that behaviour.

Every day, we deal with people, either directly or indirectly but often forget this due to the computer screens, mobile devices, telephone lines and technology forming the interface between us.

A massive issue being created by this change in thinking is that we are losing our understanding that ‘People make things happen’. Machines only do what other people teach them to do, they are ultimately not responsible.

We are quickly forgetting that if we want something or want something done, our path to achievement is via other people.

Introguy is strictly dedicated to modernizing the ways that people connect to other people, finding them, establishing the contact, developing the communication to drive whatever result or outcome you are after.

We are developing a series of services to aid in connecting people for;

  • Community support
  • Personal relationships
  • Commercial ventures
  • Individual Sales
  • Family arrangements
  • Skill & Labour sharing
  • Information Feedback

For a list of these services, please check our Services page.

If you would like to discuss any issues with us, please Contact page.

As a human being, I live by and try to foster certain beliefs;

  • Come the day I provide perfection, first time, every time, I will expect that of others. Until I can deliver that, I don’t expect it from others. I do look for people that try to achieve it.
  • I get that I’m not first in line. I will be patient, as long as I believe the person helping me gives me good service when I am being helped.
  • If I show respect, people with honor will usually do the same. People without, may not.
  • I should not be given Respect. I need to earn it.
  • I will always do my best for the people that have my respect. The others are not at the front of the line.
  • If I commit to perform an outcome, I must. If I cannot, I must communicate then agree a revised outcome.
  • If I get the wrong answer, accept it may be because I did not ask the right questions.

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