Introguy specialises in providing services designed to bring people together for many and varied purposes. We’ve built various services to connect Joint Venture Business partners, People with Health issues, Pepole with Mental health problems to Service providers and various sites for retail and service companies.

Recently, we were attacked with a particularly infectious, cross-site malware attack. No privacy issues were created but as a result, we decided to dismantle and reconstruct, from scratch, using high end security and monitoring processes, all on modern, regularly updated platforms.

We’ve learned from our setbacks and are reconstructing using updated, well secured systems to minimise chances of future service interruptions.

The services we’re currently building include;

  • A Real Estate listing site for owners¬†corporation¬†(formerly¬†body corporate) managed Real Estate –
  • A Meeting platform for Joint Venture Business partners –
  • A site for FREE and low cost Goods advertising – and
  • A site for Classic car sales –
  • A site for Classic Bike sales –
  • A site for the listing and sale of Motor vehicles –
  • A site for clients to find and choose casual companions –
  • A site for Loved Ones to arrange funeral services –

Construction is underway, we’ll keep you informed of major milestones as they occur.